My old alter ego "Pocus."

Me and the men, Connor and Hayden.

Mackenzie and guess who?

Since 1985 Christopher Hurlbert has entertained audiences around the world with his brand of comedy and magic. Getting his start working with Magician, Jim Sisti, he broke into the business as "Pocus the Magic Clown." Performing seven shows a day at an amusement park, in the heat of summer, Christopher quickly learned the ropes.

Since the early days, he has come out from behind the makeup and now performs solely as the "Magic of Christopher." He still makes use of a lot of the physical comedy from his days behind the grease paint. He has spent the last 20 years honing his craft and is in high demand though out the Northeast. You can see him in local restaurants, nightclubs, fairs and festivals, promotional events all over New England.

Variety is the thing he loves best about being an entertainer. In a given week he can find himself in front of audiences ranging from corporate events, school shows, and private parties to comedy clubs, trade shows and senior centers. He loves it all!

One of the highlights of his career includes twice touring Europe, entertaining US Military personnel and their families. He got the chance to street perform in Ireland, England and Italy, where even with a language barrier, magic proved to be a universal form of entertainment.

Killing at the Coliseum...

Chris lives in CT with his wife Julie and their twin sons Hayden and Connor. He has a daughter Mackenzie who twists a heck of a balloon animal. When not playing on his computer or with his kids, Chris enjoys riding his Harley Davidson Motorcycle or reading the latest motivational book. 

Always looking for something to do, Christopher works part time for the town he lives in. As the Director, for the Park and Recreation Department, he provides entertaining and recreational programs for the people of his town. Coming from an entertainment background, he is a perfect match for the job.

A gentle giant of a man ( he stands over 6’5” and weighs in over 300 pounds) Christopher is a kid at heart. A story he likes to tell is that of a little boy saying to a magician,” I want to be a magician when I grow up” and the magician replying, “ I am sorry son, you can’t do both.” 

He ends his show by leaving the audience with his philosophy on life:
Growing old is mandatory, Growing up is optional!