Do you have to entertain a group of children and adults?

Do you want a show that will make the adults laugh as hard, if not harder than the kids?

Special occassions require special entertainment!

Christopher is your answer!

Perfect for:
Fairs and Festivals
School Programs
Scouting Events
Birthday Parties
House Parties
any time
 you want a fun time!
The Magic of Christopher!

The Right Mix...
" I don't know who had more fun, the kids or the parents!" Christopher hears this all the time. He has found the right mix of comedy, magic, sarcasm, and one liners to entertain all. His slapstick will get the kids howling. The one liners gives the adults a chuckle. All are impressed with the magic!

The problem with most children's entertainers is they don't know how to entertain adults. The kids have a good time but the adults keep looking at their watches waiting for the program to get over. With over 20 years of experience, Christopher has worked hard to be able to perform on multiple levels at the same time. He prides himself in the fact that the adults will have as good, if not a better time, than the kids.

Special Times...
Your child turns 6 once in a lifetime. 25 years of marriage should be celebrated. Graduations are times for having fun! These are all special times in people's lives. Special times require special entertainment. Something that will make people look back and remember fondly the event.

Christopher provides just that, memories. Your child might not remember the cake he had at his 5th birthday, but he will never forget being the one to make the magic happen in the magic show. Make your special times even more special!