Are You Smarter Than A Camp Counselor?
Are You Smarter Than A Librarian?
Are You Smarter Than A Teacher?

People especially kids like to show off how much they know!! Competing against older kids or adults just makes it that much more fun!! In the Are You Smarter Trivia Shows, up to 10 players at a time can compete using a buzz in game show set. The questions can be from any topic. Specialized programs are available. A great fund raiser for PTO and PTA's.

Want to test your people to see how much they are retaining from their training? This is a perfect way to have fun and see if they are understanding what they are learning.

Easily handles 80 - 100 contestants in an hour!



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Questions will be asked from a variety of categories,
including but not limited to:

Sports - Cartoons - Geography - Super Heroes - T.V. Shows
Science - Math - Movies - History - Spelling - People - Books
Comics - And More!!!