Percy Jackson Trivia Show

Percy Jackson and the Olympians is the next "Harry Potter!"

Fusing action and suspense with classic Mythology is pure genius!

In the Trivia Game, up to 10 contestants at one time, get to match wits on their knowledge of all the stories. A buzzing, lock-out game set, gives the players the feel of being on a TV game show! Instead of points to keep score, players collect artifacts to win. Cool props from the story are used to keep track of the score. Players collect Mintotaur Horns, the Grey Sisterís eye, a Helm of Invisibility, Riptide, the Magic Sword and many more cool things.

Players compete in preliminary rounds, with the winner of each round competing in the championship round. Prizes can be supplied. Adults love to play to. Give readers a chance to show what they have!