Part Magic Show
Part Workshop

The first half of the program is a magic show. The tricks are done with everyday items found around the house, school or office. Tricks with cards, rubber bands, paper clips, etc. easy to find items.

After the show something incredible happens! Now the audience gets to learn how to do all the miracles they just witnessed. At the end of the explanation, each audience member gets to take with them a detailed instruction sheet, explaining how everything is made and done.
Perfect for summer camps, libraries, after school programs. Watch self-esteem build, see normally shy kids become the center of attention. Performing magic builds confidence and makes being in front of a group fun.
The Program is an hour long and is perfect for larger groups. If a more in depth program is needed, a multi-week program is available. Do to the hands on nature of this extended program class sizes are limited.

Christopher offers a number of other highly entertaining and educational workshops.