A few of the organizations that have hosted workshops:


Durham / Middlefield Adult Edcucation

HK Park and Recreation


Independent Day School

Middlefield Park and Recreation

Middletown Adult Education

Middletown Youth Center

South Norwalk Library

Odd Fellows Playhouse

Vernon Park and Recreatio

Family and Children's Workshops

Balloon Sculpting
101 - Sequencing, symmetry, and proportion are some of the lessons learned in this truly "hands on" workshop. When the program is done, students will know how to make a number of animals, and other sculptures. Single and multi-balloon creations are covered. 

Family Safety - Moms and Dads work with their kids discussing topics of Family Safety. Fire Escape plans are worked up. What to do if the children should get separated from their parents is discussed. Strangers, being home alone, the Internet and many more topics are worked on in a fun and light atmosphere.

Children’s Self-Defense - A martial artist with Black belts in various styles, Christopher has put together this workshop to help keep kids safe. Not a martial arts class, yet some basic techniques will be covered, this workshop teaches students to be aware of their surroundings. In the “real world” a child could not beat up an adult. Instilling a “flight” not “fight” mindset with the students, the illusions of Hollywood are dealt with. Stranger Danger awareness is also covered as part of this workshop.

College and Adult Workshops

 Magic has opened many doors for Chris. Free drinks and food, getting bumped to first class travel and more, have all been his for performing some simple tricks. Let him show you how to 
break the ice, open doors, and win people over with this informative and entertaining hands on lecture / workshop. Learn some easy to do, but impressive magic tricks, that will make people open up and be interested in you. He also covers other topics like working the room and networking know how.


Not only an entertainer, Christopher holds Black Belts in a number of martial arts. A competitor, he has won a number of regional titles, competing in the art of Judo. He has fought in national tournaments with competitors from around the world. Taking techniques from Judo, Jujitsu and Aikido, he has devised the Keep It Simple System of Self-defense. This program is perfect for orientations, break out sessions, and team building exercises. Students learn not only techniques but how to be aware of their surroundings, body language, and to spot potential trouble before it happens.

Confessions from a wanna be Con Man

Christopher started his magic career with a fascination for the Three Shell Game. Then the Three Card Monte and how to cheat at poker. He has always had a passion for the dark side of magic, street cons and hustles. He has spent the last 15 years of his life studying, street cons and confidence scams. He has studied their workings, history and the people who have used them. Carnival games, telephone scams, and now modern day hustles on the internet are discussed. Students even learn a few scams and gotcha's for their own amusement.


Together Everyone Achieves Magic
Team building motivational magic show. A fun way to discuss the topic of team building. Magic makes the message memorable! The show incorporates magic and team building exercises for a fun and entertaining program.